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Posted By: Kim G.

Food Safety - 08/30/18 12:45 PM

Hello everyone!
I am a kidney transplant recipient who is immune-suppressed due to the lifelong meds I must now take in order to NOT reject the new organ. Two plus years now, since surgery, and doing great.
My question is about general food safety and training on Caye Caulker, and the cooks and preppers utilizing that knowledge. We will be there for over a week in January. I know the basic rules/guidelines to protect myself, but I cannot know / control how people are handling food behind the scenes.
While I am more sensitive to react to food that is "off" than the average person, I also don't bounce back as easily.
Certainly, there would be food handling training available to those in the industry, but do you find that you can rely on those prepping and cooking to do the right thing? I'm not suggesting they deliberately don't, but a lax mindset could put me in the hospital, or worse.
Example: I can tell if meat or seafood is fully cooked, but I cannot possibly know that it was handled and stored at appropriate temperatures during the whole process.

I won't be indulging in any street food, unfortunately...but are there some more reliable places to eat that you would recommend?

If anyone responds to this and wishes to elaborate and answer the next question that I would naturally have: If you had to go to the hospital for an emergency, which hospital would you trust, or which would you absolutely not?

Thank you kindly, in advance.
Posted By: ron

Re: Food Safety - 08/31/18 11:47 AM

There is a Health inspector who regularly inspects all restaurants.
Posted By: Kim G.

Re: Food Safety - 11/30/18 05:16 PM

Thank you, Ron.
I'm curious about the training of the food handlers. Is it mandatory?
So, in between the health inspector visits, is it more common that food handlers fully know what they are to do?
Posted By: Kim G.

Re: Food Safety - 11/30/18 05:18 PM

Thank you, Ron.
I'm curious about the training of the food handlers. Is it mandatory?
So, in between the health inspector visits, is it more common that food handlers fully know what they are to do?

I see you're from New Haven, CT. My husband is from Cheshire. We live in Canada. Will be spending Christmas in CT, for a week. So very pretty down there.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Food Safety - 11/30/18 07:24 PM

I have taken the course it is a joke by US standards. Yes is allegedly mandatory
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Food Safety - 12/01/18 06:44 AM

I'm feeling defensive and I may sound skeptical but I have experienced that Belizean people on the whole are very thorough in the way they handle and clean their food. To begin with, the food here is healthier than what you get at a grocery store in the states. You can assume that everything here is organic. The flavors are amazing; seasoning is excellent and everything is fresh. You may want to tour the street side produce stands and buy a few basics that you clean and prepare yourself in you condo. We have some very different types of recipes here and it would be a shame for you to not experience them out of fear of getting ill. Don't make too big a deal out of your condition when ordering. Observe the condition of the establishment, the appearance of the wait staff, etc. Here's to your good health and good times.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Food Safety - 12/01/18 01:56 PM

In defense I have eaten at every side street vendor and major restaurants all over Belize. I have only gotten sick once and that was at a major hotel in Belize City. The original poster here is very different case from the majority of us and cannot tolerate much of what the rest of us can. Whole different scenario for food handling.
Posted By: HollyGuacamole

Re: Food Safety - 12/23/18 01:29 PM

Have only good things to say about restaurant and hotel workers in Belize. never got sick, not even once and i eat everything. you should still take extra precocious measures. wash your fruit and clean your utensils if they're not clean.Gringos forever will feel the stomach on the island - but in a few days the'll be fine.
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