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urgent - 10/03/00 11:32 PM

if anyone knows of the state of any cayes, relay a message to the neals and any fammily they have that were very worried about them... call or e-mail as soon as they can... -love, andrew
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Re: urgent - 10/04/00 01:05 AM

Have been gathering info on Ambergris Caye for a trip in the Spring. It gives me chills and brings back scary memories of going through Hurricane Floyd last year when our home sustained three feet of flood water. My family and I feel for everyone down there going through this tragedy. My advice to anyone is if anyone offers help, take it. It was hard for us to do that not ever having to ask for hand outs before. Believe it or not things will get better and return to some semblence of normalcy. Our thoughts and best wishes to everyone.
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Re: urgent - 10/04/00 01:20 AM

To hollywoglom

Should the 'glom' bit of your name really be 'GLOOM'?

The hurricane season is coming to a close. Even during the season, it is unusual for San Pedro to be hit (three times in twelve years to my personal knowledge, always in the Hurricane Season!).

The people on San Pedro to be true pioneering types. The island will be back up welcoming visitors before you know it (it had better be, I am going over myself in a couple of weeks time!!) By Spring well who knows how much it might have improved over pre-Keith!

Of course, Nature can turn things on their heads. And if you are frightened of that, then I suggest you stay in bed for the rest of your life, or you might find an earthquake immediately under your bed, or a sudden avalanche engulfing your home, or lightening striking it, or maybe that meteor to end human life will hit.

In the meantime, I for one am going to go to San Pedro, meet some of the best in the world and enjoy myself!
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