Diving in San Pedro

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Diving in San Pedro - 10/04/00 12:06 AM

We got the last flight out of San Pedro on Saturday morning (thank goodness). We would like to come back, when will tourists be able to return? Or should we just stay away. We are only here until the middle of October. Would the locals want our business (diving, etc) or would be just be in the way if we tried to return in 1 or 2 weeks?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/04/00 12:17 AM

come on down..speakin as an ex-ex pat...dive 2 hours...hammer and nail 6.....

special thanks for your empathy and concern
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 12:16 AM

I'm not sure if your response is sarcastic?!? If not, my apologies. We feel our question was perfectly justified.

So as you know, we are in San Pedro the last two days, and everyone here has been extremely friendly and happy to have us. Everyone has smiles on their faces and a super attitude. Too bad none of those people could have responded to my message, because they would have surely let us know how welcome we are. We have been diving, and staying in one of the hotels that are open (I think there are three in town). Everyone is working hard and appreciates the few tourists that are here. So if any of you out there are hesitant to travel here, don't be. The only thing you need to be aware of is lots of debris, intermittant power loss, and cerfew of 10:30. The alcohol ban is lifted, the diving is great (albeit lower visibility, around 20 meters), and Fido's restaurant is serving up great fare.

I don't think anyone here wants us to hammer and nail, they would like the tourists to come back.
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 12:52 AM

kelly- the hotel we were supposed to stay in this sat. told us they cancelled all reservations til after dec. i saw the pics of san pedro, it doesn't look bad at all. i don't understand what to do. i have not cancelled the air fare, but i've been told all hotels in san pedro are booked.
i was told there 90% of ac has no power and there is little food and resturants are closed. i really don't understand how this could be.
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 03:10 AM

TexasCat, I understand the hotels that are operating are housing the electric and phone repair people, that have been brought in, to get the services up and running.
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 05:56 AM

i'm glad we're waiting til jan, cuz i want to see paradise (somewhat) and not feel like an intruder to the island. it's hard but we'll wait til things are in full swing again.
i will dive off the reef but by then i will certified!!!! yippie skippie!!!!
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 01:48 PM

TEXASCAT, please email me at [email protected] Thanks
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Re: Diving in San Pedro - 10/19/00 04:55 PM

gottcha chloe- will mail as soon as i confirm my air tickets thru best fares. i'm praying they will not charge me fines for changing the dates again!!!
still trying to get a trip to cozumel to do the rest of our training.
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