Lacy and Eric

Posted By: Dallas Dave

Lacy and Eric - 10/04/00 12:28 AM

Anyone seeing Lacy or Eric Burnette please post. They holed up at Iguana Gardens with Tim Budd and family. No word yet. Thanks
Posted By: rosigame

Re: Lacy and Eric - 10/10/00 09:25 PM

lacy,eric burnnet tim bud and family are okay they will leave the Island Tomarrow.
Posted By: Celeste

Re: Lacy and Eric - 10/10/00 09:33 PM

Leaving the Island? As of yesterday they had no plans to do so. Dav's arm is infected but Dr. Lerida was taking care of that. Can anyone CONFIRM that they have left or are leaving for sure? This is very important as Eric and Chris could be a great help in the errand running department.
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