Belize City?

Posted By: Mateo

Belize City? - 10/04/00 01:56 AM

Haven't heard much any Belize City in a while. Any news? Floods abating? Any airport conditions?
Posted By: kareni

Re: Belize City? - 10/04/00 02:09 AM

My sis just called from The Embassy Hotel in Belize City. She is across the street from the air port wait for a flight back to NY. She said things are ok, they are just hanging out with the other guests drinking some rum and cokes [Linked Image]
Posted By: Mateo

Re: Belize City? - 10/04/00 02:13 AM

Dear Kareni,

Do you know the phone situation there? I actually have a loved one at the Princess Hotel; did your sister call on a room telephone or her own cell?

Anxious to speak to my love, as we all are.

Blessings and regards to all,
Posted By: Dana

Re: Belize City? - 10/04/00 02:16 AM

Embassy Hotel phone # is011-501-25-3333
Posted By: kareni

Re: Belize City? - 10/04/00 02:20 AM

011-501-23-2663/2670is for the Princess
The embassy is 011-501-25-2226
She called me from a phone in the lobby of the Embassy. My mom called at another time and left a message for her at the Embassy which she did get.
Good Luck!
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