THANKS to Kenny @ FOX!!!

Posted By: Helen

THANKS to Kenny @ FOX!!! - 10/04/00 02:40 AM

I just returned home from dinner with the Ciolas here in Orlando, and just as we finished, we received a call from Paul Ciola at The Essene Way. We now have confirmation that everyone there is safe (including all the animals!), and their spirits are amazing good. Kenny @ FOX came through BIGTIME for us by getting a cell phone to Paul. Kenny, to everyone here in Orlando, you are a HERO! I'm also very relieved to hear that each and every FOX crew member is safe and accounted for (correct me if I'm wrong). Please stay in touch and keep us posted on how your people are doing. Maybe we can help you in some way too. Let us know.
Posted By: Jericco

Re: THANKS to Kenny @ FOX!!! - 10/04/00 02:45 AM

Am so glad the FOX people are safe and sound. Because of their abilites with networking, could they be at all helpful with info about other people there? So many people are frantic for information about their loved ones. Now that they are safe, could they use their techno equip to produce lists, etc.?
Posted By: Helen

Re: THANKS to Kenny @ FOX!!! - 10/04/00 03:17 AM

I recommend that you go to any and all postings that say "Fox" and write down phone numbers. I don't have them with me right now, but call David Yost, Michael Shevlof, or Kenny and ask if they can help. They have been wonderful to us, and they do seem to have the best communication ties to the island except for Marty that it. By the way, I want to thank Marty again for all of his help. I'm starting to wonder if he is really human. I don't think he's slept since Friday! MARTY, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, and GOD BLESS YOU!
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