News from San Pedro

Posted By: Dan Armeneau

News from San Pedro - 10/04/00 04:11 AM

Just got off the phone with mother in law in San Ignacio. She had just gotten off the phone with her two sons in San Pedro. They toughed out the storm with Nellie Gomez at the Belize Laundry Mat in San Pedro. I guess they feared for their lives on more than one occasion during the storm and are thankful to be alive but they reported that they are out of food and water. My two year old neice is desparately in need of diapers as well. The boys claim there are no docks left which is making it difficult for boats to land.

Still raining in San Ignacio as well but I really didn't grasp whether the Macal River was rising or receding. I guess the river was up to the bottom of the Hawksworth bridge.

In any event it sound like the people out on the cayes are desperately in need of food, water, and diapers. Keep in mind that refridgeration will be at a premium as well so non perishables would be the order of day.

If I hear anything more I will report it at the first opportunity. Oh ya, and we owe Marty for the super human effort.
Posted By: Marty

Re: News from San Pedro - 10/04/00 04:18 AM

Thanks Dan, glad to hear from Nellie.
Posted By: Eva

Re: News from San Pedro - 10/04/00 04:22 AM

Dear Dan,
I don't know if this will be any help to your family right now but my boyfriend and I are sending down a bunch of boxes with diapers (toddler size too) and other assorted baby/kid stuff. It won't be there until next Wednesday. We're sending it from Chicago to Charles Leslie in Houston who is bringing it down when he goes. If they still need some things please go to him. I beleive he will be with his cousins Vicki and Patty Arceo.
Sending lots of prayers and good wishes to you and your family.
Eva Braverman and Wayne Sistrunk, Chicago USA
Posted By: susangg

Re: News from San Pedro - 10/04/00 04:35 AM

JEFF should be there tomorrow with 23 suitcases full of stuff, and I know that he included DIAPERS in his cargo list.
(He must be married, 'cause he had "WOMEN'S STUFF" on his list too!)
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: News from San Pedro - 10/05/00 06:20 AM

Do you know if Charlie Leslie is related
to the Leslies associated with Hustler Dive
operations in San Pedro. We got acquainted with them when we were there. Would love to
have information on Billy, Martin, Gerald and
their families as well as their divers Vince,
Rickie, John, Nestor. Chad and Karen. I have
tried several sites and have received no answers. We also know Patty well and we are
glad to know that she is safe and well.,
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