Just plain old heartsick

Posted By: Susan Means

Just plain old heartsick - 10/04/00 04:20 PM

It's been almost impossible to read this board and feel anything but futility! I haven't seen anything about Bruce and Charlene and BC's - have heard about David, Tim and Coconuts - so very relieved for all of you....Bev and Stuart - Green Parrot? Unfortunately I have a new business and am simply unable to fly over right now or we would be there with hammer and nails and sleeping bags to try and share the incredible weight and difficulties that face you right now. We will contribute thru channels and have you in our hearts and prayers for a speedy recovery.Susan and Steve Means
Posted By: janice

Re: Just plain old heartsick - 10/04/00 04:25 PM

No word on Charlene and Bruce that I have found, but Stu and Bev were (are ?) in Florida. Bev in the hospital (ICU)..... if you do a 'search' for specific names you will get all the info that has been posted on them. One message had Stu's e'mail address in Florida.
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