Greetings From the Tropica

Posted By: Marty

Greetings From the Tropica - 10/04/00 07:45 PM

This morning we were able to speak with our general manager, Pete Lopez.

Pete has indicated to me that the Tropica staff are all OK and accounted for.

His report is as follows:

Our dive shop and pier are unharmed.

Our beach has increased in size again as it did with the Mitch hurricane.

Tropica has not sustained any structure damage to speak of with
the exception of roof shingles only on a here and there basis.

There was a minimal amount of water seepage into a few of the
rooms that will require some new plaster board and painting.

Tropica has a debris littered yard as well as the pool.

A Tropica clean-up is being put in place at this time.

Tropica at this time has no electricity, city water service or telephone.

Tropica is able to operate independently of water service but is unable
to function without electricity.

Pete had indicated that if electricity were to be restored today that we
would be operational at this time.

Presently, we await the return of electrical power.

Pete has lost his home and all his possessions.

Tropica has gone unharmed as the tragedy unfolds for the more unfortunate
that have sustained extensive losses.

We are hoping for the best and look forward to a swift recovery for all.

Warmest Regards

Gary Sogorka
Posted By: hannah

Re: Greetings From the Tropica - 10/05/00 07:58 AM

I'm so glad to know you are alive! How is your family? I'm soooo sorry about your home and possessions. Please let me know what you need. Rich is planning on going to your island as soon as he gets home, (he's in Puerto Vallarta, MX.) I have been talking with Rich and Karen daily and they are also very worried about you, Olga, your kids, and also Donovan. We all will help!
We love you and miss you all! Hang in there!
Dana Harmel
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