Just got to Houston from San Pedro

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Just got to Houston from San Pedro - 10/04/00 11:57 PM

This is Mary Stephenson and Mom and I are in from San Pedro. If I can answer questions, I will. In general and not exagerating, the town looks like it was hit by a bomb. The storm hit from the lagoon side so no big surges. Almost all wooden structures are gone or damaged excessively. Many of the cement houses had extensive roof damage and some flooding from the lagoon as it flowed over the island to the sea. BDF is there and I heard that Canadian line men are there to help with the power problem. Supplies are running, gas, etc. Has been some looting but not much. Some of the roads are washed out making transportation difficult at best. Tropic is flying now and many people are leaving since power and phone is not expected for probably about a month. EVERY power pole is damaged or down...wires are everywhere. White houses are brown. As of yesterday afternoon there was only one offical death...a 30 year old white name given. I expect that they will find more as the lagoon side of the island is cleared of debris. Winds were bad Saturday night, Sunday, Sunday night and to about mid day on Monday. Then is must have come back because is started up again Monday night and quit early yesterday morning. I believe most people made it but the damage is VERY extensive. You will probably hear from friends and relatives as they get over to Belize City. I would suggest that you wait and not attemp to go there. There is nothing you can do to help until the interstructure is back except send supplies if that is possible. We are very lucky to be alive and thankful.
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Re: Just got to Houston from San Pedro - 10/05/00 12:01 AM

Did you notice, on the flight from AC to BZE if the house (you should have flown directly over it if it is still there!) on the South end of AC with the observation tower, house, long dock and white fence is still there? I would greatly appreciate any info!!!
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Re: Just got to Houston from San Pedro - 10/05/00 12:08 AM

So glad you and mom are all right. Have been waiting anxiously for word from all of you for days. Pam Smith got word out to us today from International as she was waiting for a flight. She relieved all by saying that everyone we knew from BC's and otherwise are alright.
If you feel like a chat, please give us a call at:504-455-8306. Ellen's email is:
[email protected]
Love you,
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Re: Just got to Houston from San Pedro - 10/05/00 03:56 AM

Mary, I am sure you are exhausted, but do you know anything at all about Fido's? It is in the town center on the sea side of town. I would appreciate any information at all that you could give me. Sincerely, Monique
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