smu students

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smu students - 10/05/00 12:59 AM

Has anyone heard the status of the students at St. Matthew's ? Were they able to get flights out of the country and if so how would you go about finding who is on those flights ? Have family there and have not heard from them....
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Re: smu students - 10/05/00 01:08 AM

medical students arrived safely in miami today. they were told to go home for a few days and classes begin on mon. for 1st,2nd and 3rd semester they will be going to orlando on monday the rest will be going to maine. hope your family is ok.
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Re: smu students - 10/05/00 01:15 AM

Which medical students got out? We have heard of no one.
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Re: smu students - 10/05/00 01:45 AM

my sister called home a couple of hours ago from miami int'l airport i believe there were 100 students on the plane (don't quote me on the number) but i know for sure med students were on that flight. she was one of the students at st. matthews.
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Re: smu students - 10/05/00 02:57 AM

Some medical students had arrived in US and others are still in Belize air port.
I managed to confirm a seat for my daughter on continental for tomorrow. They are on their own since they arrived at the airport.
When they arrived at Belize from San Pedro
my daughter was put in one room with 9 others. I am not sure where they are going to find shelter tonight. Curfew is on and they cannot spend the night in the air port.
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Re: smu students - 10/05/00 08:17 PM

i would say more than half of the smu students got out of belize city on wednesday.
the rest should get out thursday. i am an smu student that got out wednesday. the scene at the airport was chaotic. we were led to believe that the school would help us to get out of belize city. totally untrue. i saw no smu faculty at the airport. we all got out however we could. as for classes starting on monday, well i doubt it. nothing is confirmed in orlando right now. most of the students are at their homes and waiting for word on school. as for saying the smu faculty did all they could for the students, i'm not buying it.
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