Ladyville/Belize City

Posted By: Anonymous

Ladyville/Belize City - 10/05/00 02:31 AM

I've asked before, and I guess no one has been in this area but I'll try again - has anyone in Belize City been up the river in Ladyville towards the Belize River Lodge? There are houses on either side of the river - how did they fair? Is there a storm surge to worry about? I'm talking about 8 1/2 miles Northern Highway - off the Airport Rd.
Posted By: chuck

Re: Ladyville/Belize City - 10/05/00 02:36 AM

I live at 13.5 mile northern highway.last night there was 2-3 feet of water across the rd right past airport rd but today it was fine.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Ladyville/Belize City - 10/05/00 02:38 AM

Thanks, Chuck. I was a bit concerned because we have a house right smack on the river next to the River Lodge, but you've alleviated some of my fears.
Posted By: chuck

Re: Ladyville/Belize City - 10/05/00 02:41 AM

lots of water but you will be ok-much better than san pedro-flew over today-what a mess
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