Cynthia Fessenden-Caye Caulker

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Cynthia Fessenden-Caye Caulker - 10/05/00 03:10 AM

Friends and family in Atlanta have still
not heard anything definite regarding Cynthia
Fessenden from Caye Caulker. If anyone has
seen her, please let us know. Any information
would really be appreciated. Cyn, if you read
this, let us know what you most urgently
need and we'll find a way to get it to you-
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Re: Cynthia Fessenden-Caye Caulker - 10/05/00 08:03 PM

Hi,Cathy! Don and I have also been very worried, so I checked here to see if there was any word from Cyn.

Call us at 904-753-0204 or e-mail us at [email protected] Hope you're well. Let me know if you hear anything. The situation down there sounds awful.
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Re: Cynthia Fessenden-Caye Caulker - 10/06/00 12:59 AM

Cynthia is fine, alive, kicking and serving food to hungry people daily. Please relax. I sent word today with my sis to tell her to call her mom. Check posting that says Caye Caulker update and Cynthia Fessenden is fine.

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