Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm

Posted By: Marty

Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm - 10/05/00 04:52 AM

I am back with a heart ache. The disaster that is done to Caye Caulker is
great. You can count the coconut trees that are still standing. All the
electricity posts went down - some on houses, some just across the streets,
and some just hanging on. There are a lot of people who lost their homes.
There are several families that are still in the hotel because they have no
way to go. Everywhere you turn you see people washing at least their
clothes. Some of them that is all they have with them. There is a lot of
sea grass all over the islands, in the yards and on the streets.

My grandmother cried when she saw her house. It is presently without roof
and ceiling. Alicia also lost her house. She was able to save most of her
things but her roof of her house went off too. As for my grandmother, she
lost about everything - mattresses, fans, etc . She is living with my dad
and mom now. My mother parents also are living with my parents because a
lot of water leaked in their house and a lot of the stuff got went -
mattress, etc.

It is so sad to remember Caye Caulker how beautiful, peaceful and now to
see how it is presently. There is a lot of work but a lot. It is like
returning to the olden times when there was no electricity and phones.

I would like you to pass on to Big Tom and Judy that George and Amparo
Requena are doing fine and no damage was done to their home. I saw Amparo
and she said to tell Big Tom that they are doing OK.

OK. I am going to answer your questions.

1)What is most needed by those in distress on Caye Caulker?
Well, there is lot that is needed right now. At this moment before I left,
they had food for about two or three days. After that, they will need a
lot of tin goods because there is no electricity for meats to be put in
refrigerators. The government is helping a lot but everything is going so
quick. For instance, yesterday 1000 loaves of bread arrived and today it's
like where is all those breads. I don't really know if people did loose
all their clothes but I guess they will also need some.

2) How can we send financial aid directly to those most in need on Caye
If you all would like to send financial aid to those needed in Caye
Caulker, you would need to send it to some like who is in the village
council. I don't remember if it is Charles or Raul who is in it. But, if
you send it directly to someone in charge or someone who you all know that
will distribute the money according to who needs it the most, it will reach
to the people of Caye Caulker. Now, if you send it to the government of
Belize, I don't know where the money will go. This is only my opinion.

3) How is my little friend Hilber (Verde) Lopez, who lives on the back with
his little sisters and brothers?

I don't know really who you are talking about but Ms. Nati roof also went
off. The Verde Family that I know is not living to the back of our house
but behind Daisy's Hotel. Their home wasn't destroyed but they had a lot
of cleaning to do. I would have to ask my Dad about them when I see him.

Well, Fran it is so good to see my baby once again and be with him. Please
pass this message to everyone else and keep us in your prayers.

Posted By: Christopher

Re: Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm - 10/05/00 04:55 AM

Tears for Caye Caulker is all I have.
Then the work begins. I have sent this to Duke Power to convince them of the dire straits of this community.
Posted By: K8CPA - Chuck

Re: Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm - 10/05/00 04:56 AM

Hang in there Marty, Things will get better.

Posted By: Marty

Re: Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm - 10/05/00 08:07 AM

Posted By: Madeline

Re: Caye Caulker Report TuesPM, 10pm - 10/05/00 08:13 AM

Is Chocolate and his wife on the island? He could be the coordinator of donations. I am just sick thinking about the destruction.
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