John Lankford's whereabouts?

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John Lankford's whereabouts? - 10/05/00 05:22 AM

Anyone seen or hear from John Lankford who lives on San Pedro behind Paradise Villas?

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Re: John Lankford's whereabouts? - 10/05/00 05:34 AM

No. The last time I heard from him was Friday night. He emailed me about the mice and his cat being gone and pieces of his roof going bye bye and I told him to see if he could run across the street to my condos which I was pretty sure still had a roof (then, not so sure if has one now...) I don't know if he ever got the message, I don't know how much longer the phone line was working. Have not heard from him since. That house he lives in is pretty old and not in real good shape.
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Re: John Lankford's whereabouts? - 10/05/00 05:51 AM

I was speaking to him off and on all night til about 1am late fri nite, and then he was gone...

i bet he's ok, I'm trying to find out tomorrow AM
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