Mata Chica

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Mata Chica - 10/05/00 07:03 AM

We spent a wonderful two weeks at Mata Chica last October...starting on the 4th! Does anyone have any inforamtion about how they did in the hurricane? We are very, very concerned. We have seen the wish list and will get some things together...but we would dearly love to know that Nadia, Philipe, Tammy, all the staff, and Nala and Simba too are all ok!! Please post if you have any info regarding this! Thanks!!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Mata Chica - 10/05/00 07:11 AM

Nadia and Phillippe were off the island, and the resort was closed for vacation. The staff we believe is fine, the resort is said to have sustained a lot of damage, but I have not heard yet from them personally to confirm.

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Re: Mata Chica - 10/05/00 07:22 AM

Thanks Marty. I'm glad everyone is ok.

On the supplies, there was no indication of where to send things....and is money preferred or are packages? We'd like to help in the most immediate and effetive way.

Posted By: Marty

Re: Mata Chica - 10/07/00 04:55 PM

Nadia and Philippe ar back on the island now, hopefully we will hear from them soon.
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