KEITH is huge again...

Posted By: Marty

KEITH is huge again... - 10/05/00 07:12 AM
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: KEITH is huge again... - 10/05/00 07:27 AM

well you'll see lots of coverage on the bugger now that he's headed for the states!!

on that note..this chickie is hittin the sack...g'nite!
Posted By: Helen

Re: KEITH is huge again... - 10/05/00 08:48 AM

I was afraid this might happen. I watched my local FOX news here in Orlando tonight, and Keith was mentioned, but the only concern was for Mexico and Texas. Who knows which way he'll turn or how big he'll get? Nobody but Keith that's who!

Satelite image looks pretty scarey for something everybody (the media) stopped talking about so quickly. This one is maybe the most unpredictable hurricane I've every seen, and I live in Florida (so I watch them all). He grows quickly, hits without warning, and makes quick turns from what I've seen and heard.
Posted By: Sanibel

Re: KEITH is huge again... - 10/05/00 04:55 PM

Looks like Keith's headed into Mexico as I write at 90mph 20 miles north of Tampico where he should end.
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