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Caye Caulker FOOD SHORTAGES - 10/05/00 02:27 PM

Oct 5th., 2000, Thursday 5: 30 a.m.
Apparently, even if you have money, you cant eat it. So they are
finding out on Caye Caulker. No supplies, or insufficient supplies
getting to the population of the island. Without transportation there
are no grocery shops.

BELIZE DEFENSE FORCE need to get their Army Field Kitchen out to Caye
Caulker and the Air Wing and Maritime Wing shuttle food out to the town
on the island.
Look at it, as an excercise just like the summer camp field excercises
for the Volunteer Guard. Only this time, you get to do it for six weeks
on Caye Caulker.
Food and water shortages are dire, new reports coming in early
Thursday morning to this communications center. Hundreds in need of
drinking water and food. If not a thousand. There are over 600 children
on the island. Houses with food have run out, not enough transportation
boats to get to mainland to get more. Coconuts done!

Where are the fabled Belizean Military? Are the cavalry going to come
charging over the hill to the rescue?
Ray Auxillou
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Re: Caye Caulker FOOD SHORTAGES - 10/05/00 08:33 PM

2 the top ^
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Re: Caye Caulker FOOD SHORTAGES - 10/06/00 12:31 AM

This was posted early this morning...any news that anyone has carried through to assist all those weary souls on Caye Caulker ? They can't continue the load all by themselves without being fed,etc.
God bless, June
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Re: Caye Caulker FOOD SHORTAGES - 10/07/00 03:23 AM

My sister had a call from her husband today. He says that clothes have reached the Caye Caulker and there is plenty of food and fresh water...and no Ray he is not one of the haves...he is a have not and a bigger one now that he and my sister have lost, clothes, all possesions.
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