Posted By: Grace

Volunteering - 10/05/00 05:23 PM

I need to know if I should come down to help with the cleanup, or would it be better to wait?
Posted By: Logan

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 05:54 PM

I would like to know about whether to come down to help also. However, I'm not sure I want to stay in a tent. Will Rubies be open soon, or is it full or what? Thankyou.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 05:57 PM

lets wait a bit. we need to not add to the materials needed to support folks.

we need to get some hard workin men and women bustin butt with some good food and water to keep em going.

Its important not to overtax available resources
Posted By: Eleanor Ponce

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 07:28 PM

There are LOTS of supplies in my business, CyberCoffee, such as TOOLS, WOOD, FOOD, COFFEE inside, not to mention computers and online service availability if you can get a phone line going. If Sheila has electricity at Mayan Princess, she is right across the street from CyberCoffee. I have a leased apt. there or could stay at MP if sheila has room for people to stay while we help rebuild. But to avoid overtaxing resources, changed my reservation to return from Monday to NEXT monday. If I'd be a HELP I can return sooner. Not sure what to do at this point. I'm in Denver and can take extra 'stuff' if Continental will let me. Somebody who KNOWS let me know? I also need to know condition of cybercoffee. have heard nothing except staff is safe. am still wondering about a LOT of people though. Saw Lane in pix so she looks good.:>) great job MARTY! If med students are online, we should be. They come down to use our equipment lots of times.:>) Mark might be able to go over from Belmopan to help get online meanwhile if phones are available?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 07:33 PM

Eleanor, which pics did you see Lane in? I am concerned about Lane Thomas (Llewellyn?) and have not heard from her. Thanks.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 07:55 PM

I'm ready to work, what if I bring my own food, etc?
Posted By: yvonne bond

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 08:25 PM

JBA>>>I think this is the photo you were looking for. //

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Posted By: RobertE

Re: Volunteering - 10/05/00 09:56 PM


I'm in Denver too and have spoken to a few others in the area. If you need supplies to take back, let me know offline. My e-mail is under my profile and we can make arrangements to get stuff to you.


Posted By: Grace

Re: Volunteering - 10/06/00 02:00 PM

Still waiting to hear if it's a better time to come and help. I understand there are limited resources. Anyone have any advice?
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