Posted By: Kathy in Canada

CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/05/00 05:41 PM

My brother just got a call from a lady in N.C. She said they spent the entire Hurricane with my folks. My parents room didn't last 6 hours and the roof came right off..they went to a lower room and met the pple from N.C. She said we should be proud of my parents..they were very strong and level headed throughout the entire ordeal. My dad made alot of jokes and kept pple laughing.

She did say there were moments they did fear for their lives..but all in all..they did OK!

My parents "were" going to fly back home..but my mom basically said..Dammit Ken..we are now residents and I'm not leaving these pple behind. Therefore they have stayed to help rebuild.

They might fly home after a couple of weeks just to recoup and see the family..then go back to San Pedro.

My dad thought he found a bottle of rum and opened it to share with everyone. They were drinking out of cocunut shells. They thought it tasted rather "weak" and disovered it was actually water someone put in the bottle..probably to conserve. They all had a good laugh at that!

So there you have it. I won't be bugging anyone anymore if they have seen my parents!!!!

Estimated 3 weeks for power to be restored..according to this lady. Though my dad is trying to locate someone with a cell phone so he can call.
Posted By: Helen

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/05/00 05:44 PM

Kathy, That's WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I'm so happy for you, and know know how much relief this brings you!

I have a few more names for you. I'll post them as soon as I can. Right now I have to go talk to the local news people to try to get some help for Belize.
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/05/00 05:59 PM

Thanx Helen....

I hope they are names for the found list!!

Please email them to me...that way the names won't get lost in these posts!

[email protected]

will try and get to them ASAP...will be going to town to run errands today...
Posted By: phaedramom

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/05/00 10:16 PM

Kathy have been noticing your postings since this started. Congrats on news of your family's safety.
Posted By: karin

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/05/00 10:20 PM

Great news Kathy ! I am so happy for you ! Karin
Posted By: John in Vancouver, Canada

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/06/00 05:58 AM

Fantastic Kathy;

I just found this thread AFTER emailing you to see if you had heard any update on them. I am SO relieved!!!

Posted By: Marty

Re: CONFIRMED..MY PARENTS ARE OK!!! - 10/06/00 06:07 AM

FAR OUT! Bet you are smilin happy!
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