The Tides Beach Resort

Posted By: Anonymous

The Tides Beach Resort - 10/05/00 06:32 PM

I just received news through Lynne in Tecson that Patojo and crew are all ok.
The hotel has some roof damage and the dive shop will need some work, the boats were sunk but have been recovered.
Sabrina, Sagri and the four little girls have been at Sabrina's Parents in Florida. Great news!
Posted By: yvonne bond

Re: The Tides Beach Resort - 10/05/00 06:35 PM

Great news about Patojo and family!!!! Send them our love and prayers!!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: The Tides Beach Resort - 10/06/00 03:01 PM

. I heard from Patojo. He called from his cell phone.
It was a bad connection but at least I know he is safe. We suffered some
damages to the hotel and the dive shop was spared. Thank God.
I don't know how long it will be for the power and phone lines to get back
on, so I was wondering if you could please put up a notice on our web page
that they can get in touch with me at my brother's email address for the time
being.(The Tides and Patojo's scuba Center)
We had a lot of internet bookings that are probably wondering what's going on
with the hotel. My brother's email address is: [email protected]

Thanks a bunch.
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