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Posted By: Marty

caye caulker - 10/05/00 09:40 PM

What I know is that:

1. all the lamp posts and wires on Caye Caulker are down
2. the generator was either washed away or completely submerged under

Knowing this makes me think only one thing, power generation on Caye
Caulker is a start from scratch scenario. Then I start to hyperventilate
because to me it seems like such a daunting and time consuming task to
start from scratch that would need to start to be tackled from TODAY in
order to make a difference.

But thruthfully, the reports I got today from Diane is that a whole ton
of worker bees are out there performing miracles, really, including the
Hon. Patty Arceo. I applaud them for their response. It is indeed
comforting to know. I suppose in my own mind electrifying CC again seems
like a daunting task. But then again, I am only looking on from the
outside and am not really there to know..

Posted By: Marina Stoev

Re: caye caulker - 10/05/00 11:29 PM

Wendy I'm glad you your mather and Tina are OK! It is any way that you can give me any news about Natasha and the twins babies??? I still did't rear anything about Tage and his girls also.I know that Chelsie and her sister were in Caye on Saturday evening because they still playing with Dimitri and Simone. How about Tage girlfriend Lisa??? and Flash? What about Roland, Mary and their baby girl??? Any way if is possible you can call me or e-mail. (202)332-5779. e-mail:[email protected] Thanks. Marina.
Posted By: Christopher

Re: caye caulker - 10/06/00 02:06 AM

I will say one thing:
It's too bad that BTL can't put all those wires UNDERGROUND! Something that should have been done a LONG time ago to keep the island looking better and AVOIDING this type of wind disaster!
I for one am for power taking a bit longer if it means avoiding this type of scenario again, plus I HATE looking at all those wires on the island, they are an eyesore.
Posted By: Jim Wade's Little Sister

Re: caye caulker - 10/06/00 02:18 AM


I am Sonja Wade's Aunt. She called home today and she and Chelsey and Lexie are okay. I saw your note posted and just wanted to let you know they are fine.
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