Ramon's Village

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Ramon's Village - 10/05/00 09:58 PM

We're booked for Ramon's at Christmas. Is it still there? Should we cancel? We have to pay by Oct 11th and need to know ASAP. Please help. We're sending donation. Thanks
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/05/00 10:02 PM

do a search and learn.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/05/00 10:04 PM

I saw ramon's personally yesterday-seems to be pretty damaged but it is more clean up than anything.By christmas it will be fine but I would not put all my money up yet.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/05/00 10:07 PM

I too am booked there for Nov 27 honeymoon. The INCREDIBLE folks on this site seem to have their hands full so I have not bothered posting here to check. It seems, however, that someone from Magnum will be inspecting it and posting a full report on Ramons by tomorrow or Saturday. Our concerns are secondary right now, as they should be, so I guess we wait a few more days to find out. Only report I have seen thus far is that their damage was severe.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 04:32 AM

Ramon's staff left the guest to fend for themselves. They locked up the restaurant, offices and abandoned the guest. The guest had to break-in the restaurant and move their mattresses in when the roof blew off their rooms.
I would look for a better place to stay if I were you.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 02:34 PM

sailorman, you should make sure your info is correct before you post something. We have spoken with one of the guest who stayed there. That is not anything near what happened. They did not have to break in because Einer had left them a key in case they needed it. He had to go check on his family as did Mr. Ramon. When things got really bad there was no way they could get back until things settled down and then Mr. Ramon went back to make sure they were O.K. and had everything they needed.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 05:06 PM

I was there and this is what I saw. I also talked to several of the guest and this is what they reported. How about you, were you there?
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 09:39 PM

Sailorman - Please contact me at
1-800-MAGIC 15 so that we may discuss your
version of events. It does not match at all with the versions from our staff and other guests who were there.

Lance Chancellor
Director of Marketing
Ramon's Village Resort
Posted By: Lance Chancellor

Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 09:40 PM

Official Report - Valid October 6, 2000

Ramon's Village Resort did unfortunately receive severe damage to the Presidential & International Suites and heavy damage to the
gift shop, restaurant and Purple Parrot Bar. Some of our other cabanas did receive thatch and water damage along with the offices. The pool was spared any damage along with the pier at Ramon's. Our Pro 42 dive boat the Miss Gina was in Belize City for repairs and was spared as well.

Repairs and cleanup have already begun at the resort; however, due to the damage and our desire to return the resort to its former pristine condition, we will be closed until Monday, November 13, 2000. Guests who have reservations up to that point are asked to call our reservations office at our toll
free number: 1-800-MAGIC 15 to reschedule or
cancel reservations. We apologize for this inconvenience, but ask that you bear with us while our staff and contractors begin the task of restoring the resort to its former beauty.

Plans are to have at least 32 units, the restaurant, gift shop, pool, beach area and dive shop ready for guests to visit by November 13, 2000. The balance of the resort should be completely renovated by
December 15, 2000 with all 61 units ready for occupancy. If you have visited Ramon's Village Resort before or if you were planning to go, do not despair. Our staff is committed to providing our guests a unique and uncompromising vacation experience and we can assure you that once renovations are complete, you will be pleased with our unique tropical paradise.

Updates to this message will be made frequently so please monitor this site and our website at for further information. Thank you for your prayers for our staff and for the residents and citizens of Belize.

We'll be back - you can Belize it!!!

Lance Chancellor
Director of Marketing
Ramon's Village Resort

P.S. - We'll post photos as soon as available from the resort and during the construction phase so that you may see our progress.
Posted By: Denis

Re: Ramon's Village - 10/06/00 10:10 PM

The complaints about Ramon's staff don't sound at all typical or ring true. I've always been treated with respect and care by them. Sailorman could have been having an understandably bad day.
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Re: Ramon's Village - 10/07/00 12:39 AM

I have just got back from san pedro - i think the staff at ramones are great, - however the reports that have been posted ARE TRUE - heard them firsthand from people on the island - still my number one choice of place to stay!!
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