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recovery - 10/06/00 04:56 PM

As a resident of an island hit many times by hurricanes (Cape Hatteras, NC)my heart goes out to the Belizians. I spent a month there including Ambergris, Caulker and Chapel.This message is for anyone planning on going down to help. My own home & business here have been damaged by wind driven rain and flood water.The post storm numbness mentioned in many sites is very real and so enervating. It's hard to even think. The heat, the stink, the total change in the way your world looks. Those on AC will be very glad to see some fresh faces. But go prepared. Take lots of insect repellant, plenty of clean clothes, boots (do not get cut on storm debris!)antibacterial soap. The mold and mildew from the flooding and rain water will start growing immediately in the high humidity so if you have any allergies go prepared to deal with them. And be careful.If you've never experienced it life without electricity and drinking water can be a challenge.
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