Wal-mart Refuses to Help

Posted By: Penny

Wal-mart Refuses to Help - 10/06/00 07:24 PM

The 'friendly' Wal-mart Store on Fry Road in Katy (West Houston) refused to help this morning. The donation budget has alredy been spent for this year.
Posted By: Edd

Re: Wal-mart Refuses to Help - 10/06/00 07:31 PM

Sit tight, Penney, help might still come from the Wal-Mart Corporate Headquarters in Bentonville.Typically, a local store only has a small budget for local area civic organizations.An international donation would need to be approved from Bentonville. I'm working on it. I'll post if successful.
Posted By: rafi312

Re: Wal-mart Refuses to Help - 10/06/00 07:35 PM

Anybody who has a non profit tax form can take it to a Target store with a letter requesting what you need and why, and they will give you a gift certificate to purchase the relief items. However, Target works the same way Wal-Mart does...the amount of money you get depends on how much they have left for the year to be spent on donations.
Just a tip for anyone who has the time and appropriate forms!
Ryan Sheffield
Posted By: jacquesv

Re: Wal-mart Refuses to Help - 10/06/00 07:36 PM

Dear Penny,

I'd be very surprised if the budget was used up "for the year". Wal-Mart stores are each given a set amount for each month. Often they have foolishly spent it all in the first week or two instead of stretching it out over the month like they are supposed to. But each store, from my understanding is given an amount each month . . . not a lump sum for the whole year.

It is more likely that each Wal-Mart store is under orders to limit donations to their immediate retail area, to maximize community good will, and to ensure positive press in each store's immediate area newspaper and other media. That "the budget is used up for the year" sounds like an excuse to not donate to a distant third world country.

Try this link to contact the corporate office directly

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wal-mart Refuses to Help - 10/06/00 07:49 PM

I have contacted UnitedWay International...I will post any response I receive.
Peace. June
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