Gricel from Mata Chica

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Gricel from Mata Chica - 10/06/00 11:54 PM

We haven't seen on any found or missing lists Gricel who is the concierge at Mata Chica and e-mail messages to him have not been answered. Does anyone have any information? Our e-mail is [email protected]

Posted By: Dana and Martin

Re: Gricel from Mata Chica - 10/08/00 06:08 PM

Gricel is ok according to our friend Pat from L.A. who spoke with him 10/5. He left matachica area yesterday to go into San Pedro to check on his house.He weathered out the storm with Bronwen who was taking care of Matachica with him.
Not certain, but think he was last at Sundiver.
If you contact him, can you let us know?
Trying to reach owners of matachica to determine emergency supplies needed.
Dana and Martin from L.A.
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Re: Gricel from Mata Chica - 10/09/00 06:23 AM

Thganks for your reply! We've been trying to reach Gricel through the Mata Chica e-mail and have been unsucessful glad to hear someone has spoken with him.

If we are able to contact him we will be sure to let you know...please, too, if you contact him let us know what we can do or send! Again, our e-mail address is [email protected]

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