i had front row seats for keith!!!

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i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 07:17 AM

hello all!

i can't belive all the postings on this board about the hurricane!!! i myself was in san pedro for hurricane keith and had front row seats for all the action. i was staying at the Boatyard when it all happened - man was that a bad place to be. i have never seen such a destructive force before in my life. the water level rose at least 8', the docks ripped right out of the water, the boats all came charging at the house and knocking into the supports, the whole wall upstairs started to collapse, windows were shattering, the house was shaking like a turbulent airplane, the boatyard bar no longer exists, one boat ended up on the runway - it was absolutely INSANE!!! i am a pilot for tropic air, however i won't be flying for a while now cause one of the planes i fly is now nose-down in the ground with it's tail wrapped around a tree, and the other plane needs a new wing and probably a new engine. those pictures posted on this site don't even do the island justice to the destruction that really happened. so many people are now left homeless. so many people have lost everything they have. on a positive note we have been recieving lots of help from british and american soldiers, as well as many other groups sending support.

i really appriciate all the time and effort everyone has put into researching this hurricane and what was actually happening in belize. i know that my parents were worried sick and being able to get information from this site comforted them a bit (and frightened them a bit too). when that hurricane was hitting hard i know that i felt very alone and helpless so it feels good that there were this many people out there thinking about us.

if anyone has any questions on what REALLY happened in san pedro, just send me an email at: [email protected]

thanx again - especially to marty!

Mike Keelan
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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 07:22 AM

This made me cry.I can imagine the helplessness you felt,it had to have been a very frightening thing.
My Jim is still there(alive) but I don't know if he is alright.I can't get any word about him.
I am glad that you made it thru everything.
God bless. June
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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 07:56 AM

maggie - who is jim, where does he work, what's the last name? i might know him so give me more info and i will let you know if i have seen him.

thanx for the support,
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My name is June. Jim's last name is CRAWFORD and he is on Caye Caulker,last I heard. We go back a long ways and we are in love...I feel so disconnected from him...thats why I am still here so late,trying to get a sense of him. Thanks for caring enough to ask. [Linked Image] Hugs, June
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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 08:51 AM

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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 02:33 PM

Hello, Mike - glad to hear you are alright. I'm Richard the Brit, we met many times at BC's.

I have been hoping for news of other people, and happily the list has been gradually diminishing. I'm still concerned for Amy Brown, Ann Plowman, Mai Zarrouk (Cafe Amnesia), and Denis & Dulce Wolfe.

Did you happen to come across any of them?

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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 03:18 PM

I am so glad to hear you made it, I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been. We have been trying to get information on the Munguia family and Lenore Nob and her family any information would be appreciated
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Mike, would you look at WHITEY's postings and try to help her with info she needs. Thanks

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Re: i had front row seats for keith!!! - 10/08/00 09:30 PM

Mike: what an account...I'm a teacher who
comes to Belize at least once a year..I own
some lots there and love that country...I
started a Pen Pal exchange with Andrea O'Brien and her class...I still haven't heard
if she and Santos are OK. Also Alexandra
Nicholson...My dear friend Lindsay Hackson,
Belizean Arts, lost her house in Tres Cocos
I heard...was it so unexpected that no one
left the island this time???? I'm curious
because Lindsay always leaves???? Thank you
for sharing your story which I will share
with my students tomorrow morning...Let
me know if you hear anything about the above
people and oh yes, Carlos Villatoro and wife
Vicki and son (acupunture and massage across
from Fido's) Take care,God be with you all!
[email protected]
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