st. mathew's students...

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st. mathew's students... - 10/08/00 08:06 AM

working for tropic air i was able to see everyone trying to get off the island ASAP. what really pissed me off was to see EVERY SINGLE one of those medical students get on the first planes out of san pedro. tourists i can understand wanting to get the heck out of the country. but these medical students call san pedro their home for over a year, and then as soon as shit hits the fan they abandon ship. what about staying behind even just a couple of extra days to help out in the clean up effort??? besides, most of the medical students live in VERY nice concrete apartments that were not even slightly damaged by the hurricane, so what's their hurry?
definately not impressed with st. mathews for their support ( or should i say complete lack of) during this time of need.
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Re: st. mathew's students... - 10/08/00 08:20 AM

There is a thread here,giving various reasons for all of it,some good,some bad,some questionable. Good reading also. [Linked Image] Peace. June
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