Posted By: chuck

marty? - 10/08/00 06:42 PM

Hey Marty-I was wondering if you had heard anymore about the yacht club-I still am hoping to have my wedding in San Pedro if at all possible.I will have 35-40 guests there anywhere from 3-6 nights.I am going back to San Pedro on tuesday for the day to find out more for myself.In the meantime, please let me know whatever you may know-I still want to spend my money in beloved San Pedro.
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: marty? - 10/08/00 06:47 PM

Hey chuck...I was about to sign off to get read for T-Giving dinner...then I saw your post.

My parents will be home sometime next week for a quick visit..then they are heading back. Not sure if they will be there when you have your wedding...

but I would STILL love to see pics when you get back!!
Posted By: Marty

Re: marty? - 10/08/00 08:50 PM

I just don't want to speak for the Yacht Club. I know they will be in contact soon, others are reviewing each resort and trying to get approxomate start up times.

Its no hassle to ask, keep on checking in. I know its hard to wait, on your wedding especially. But surely withn 24-48 hours we should have a fairly complete report.
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