Southern end of AC

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Southern end of AC - 10/09/00 06:23 AM

Still no info on south end of island! Our white tower has always been used for landmark by fishermen & airlines. Surely someone has noticed something. Are any of the caretakers from the southern end accounted for at this time?? I've seen requests for info on Llando, Ben & family, and the four I mention below.
Boy--I sure hope these people have been accounted for. Lincoln Eiley is our contact in SP. If possible ask him for us as I am sure his computer is not quite up to par right now! Thanks!!
We need to know about Meraldo and Gladys Gomez, Nancy, and Anthony(3 yrs old). They are caretakers for Casa Hol Chan (our property) on the southern tip of the island.
It is the property with the white fence(we hope) and white tower. Any travel to the island by water or air should see this property.
We want to know about the people first and then the property. The property is past Ian & Barbara's house-they know it very well. Thanks, Bettye & Dennis

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Re: Southern end of AC - 10/09/00 06:28 AM

Have you tried a search for those names through the "search" link just above and to the right of your message? This will bring up a list of links to any messages that may have been posted regarding them already.

You might also want to visit which contains a list of missing and found people thanks to "Kathy in Canada" who is working triple-time to keep it up to date.

I hope you find the information you are seeking and soon!

Some other sites you may want to see are the thread "CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE SAN PEDRO & CAYE CAULKER TOWN COUNCIL RELIEF FUND " at // and

"Have you or your friends been to Belize?" at // the sites:

"Belize Emergency Net" at

"Hurricane Keith Relief" at //

"Caye Caulker Village Council Relief Fund" at
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Re: Southern end of AC - 10/09/00 01:58 PM

We've still had no word on South end of island. We have the house with white arches and still don't know about our caretaker Lando and neighbors caretaker Ben Tipett and family. I'm sure the only way you can get down that way now is by boat, since they never had roads that far any how.
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Still no word on our house that's 2 doors from Barb & Ian Coull at the south end--2-story concrete w/large blue roof (maybe). Anyone flying along the coast back and forth from the mainland, it would be appreciated if you can drop us a line. There are two houses w/blue roofs next to each other. Thanks.
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Re: Southern end of AC - 10/11/00 12:38 AM

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Re: Southern end of AC - 10/11/00 12:43 AM

I flew over your house yesterday on Tropic. The road is cut off just north of there. I could not tell the amount of damage but it is still standing.
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Re: Southern end of AC - 10/11/00 02:57 AM

Celeste, was that the house with the blue tiled roof you were talking about?, or was it the other one? I'm really curious, and would appreciate any feedback that you have. Thanks alot. Nervous Sue in Chicago
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