news about caye caulker?

Posted By: hans

news about caye caulker? - 10/09/00 03:31 PM

My name is hans and i am from germany
first of all - thank you for the information we already got. We have a lot of friends at caye caulker - do people know something about the family pariente, about frenchie, gertraud and the children, about tico his wife and children.

Is there any information about the situation in the south-part of cc. we have a house at the southpoint of cc. it is a wooden white house with a red roof (hopefully) and it is right between two big ones (owned by Amerikans Deryl and Karen).

I would be very thankful for any detailed information.
Thank you very much!!!
hans and annette from germany.
Posted By: hans

Re: news about caye caulker? - 10/10/00 09:43 AM

Is that possible?
no reply?
we should have only one topic named "caye caulker", so people can find informations much easier and this topic can be updatet step by step. At the moment we have a lot of different informations about cc but people need a long time to search for details. lets start a topic "caye caulker - last update"
hans and annette from germany
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Re: news about caye caulker? - 10/10/00 12:10 PM

Hans....great idea. I spend alot of time just searching for info on Caye caulker!
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Re: news about caye caulker? - 10/10/00 04:16 PM

Hans, I just got home from the hurricane last thursday and frenchie and his family are all doing fine. One of his boats is operational and his other i think is o.k. too. His scuba shack on the pier is not so good but i think it can be fixed. It took a beating as i have the porch falling off on video.I have video of the aftermath and pictures as well and i will try to find your house in my pictures or on video. Tell me where it is if you are facing frenchie's house from his dive shack. I did not get any footage of the airport side. Hope this helped. Also you can e-mail me at [email protected] for anything else. I am plannig to go in December to visit my new friends that i met there , the ROSADO'S FAMILY. If anyone has any news about Ramon Rosado and family please let me know.
Posted By: hans

Re: news about caye caulker? - 10/10/00 04:23 PM

hi streetcollege,
thank you very much for the news about frenchie. I am lucky to hear that - we are good friends for many years. I am sure he will repair his scuba shck soon - like he did it after mitch, when they lost the whole thing.

Our house is at the south point of Caye Caulker - a long way south of the airstrip, so i dont think you will have any pictures of that area. if yes, i will be very thankfull to get it. It is a wooden white house with a red roof.

Do you have frenchies cellular number - i lost it.
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