Posted By: Marty

Cayo - 10/01/00 05:07 PM

Slight rain, overcast, 0.3in in last 12 hrs, river has risen to 8 ft above
normal in last 12 hrs. River currently has crested, but expected possible
further rise later today as yesterdays rains from the pine ridge start to have
their effect.

Frank Redmond
Posted By: Ana

Re: Cayo - 10/01/00 05:11 PM

Marty, from what you are reporting and what we all know about this you think there might be mud slides there? I mean, look at Santa Elena and San Ignacio? I am really concerned about these areas and along western highway between Belmopan and S.I.

Anyone concerned about that too?

Posted By: Marvel

Re: Cayo - 10/01/00 05:24 PM

Yes, that's what got Honduras! Torrential down pours and mudsides.
Watching closely. Any one in contact with these areas? [Linked Image]
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