San Pedro

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San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:38 PM

9.35 am local- land lines phones still up in san pedro- Lots of flying debis causing damage now- Some roofs being dislodged, blown out windows in Banyon Bay area- ocean side is almost calm, lagoon side 3-4 foot surge
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:40 PM

THe ocean side is calm because the eye of the storm is approaching...please do not leave the house,c ause the worst of the storm is yet to come....the eye doesnt mean its over yet.....and thanks for telling me that the lines are on...I shall call home in a few....


p.s. I live in North Carolina and since I moved here in 98, I have experienced 6 lets all just wait and see what will happen [Linked Image]
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:42 PM

To be clear the 'calm' was in reference to the water/ocean- wind still blowing like stink
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:43 PM

Susan said they were being pounded! A window is the
small bedroom blew out, all of the awnings have been ripped off and water is
pouring through the windows in the master bedroom that are cracked which is
on the north side of the house. They are all a wreck and decided it was 5pm
somehwere so decided to have a rum & coke! So they have been busy trying to
move furniture to keep it from being soaked. The front gates to the house
have been ripped off and most of the fence is down. I'll check back each
hour as long as the lines are working.

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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:43 PM

sure don't like it slipping back south....
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:48 PM

Kathryn started the generator about 1 hour ago and called. All the people
up there are OK. There are still a large number of staff from Fox network
onsite. The roof is starting to come off the office/restaraunt bldg so all
guests have been moved to the villas which do not have power. There is one
pregenant woman onsite but they seem fine.

Sun Diver Beach Resort

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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 04:53 PM

The eye of the wall may hit San Pedro in the next
hour. They hopefully will get some respite while in the eye of the
Wall winds were 135 mph or Category 3, last aircraft check.
Caye Caulker may get in the eye also, but it is not sure how the eye
will wobble. Definitely Orange Walk and Corozal will get hit, it looks
like. Of the two, Corozal will have to watch it, they are on fairly flat
ground and if the eye is to the south of them, they are going to get a
hurricane surge over the sea wall and into the town.

The winds would have been from the north. So much for the beach
reclamation. Strong tidal currents would have eaten that away, how much
we will see on Monday, if people come back online.
If anybody has reports direct with Corozal, San Pedro, Sartenja or Caye
Caulker would appreciate them here, or phone me. Only got one phone, so
when online, it will give a busy signal.
Just reading the reports so far in. Trees down, at least one roof of
one building gone in San Pedro. Half of new dredging of beach street and
right of way along Caye Caulker gone with strong tidal flow currents.
Not sure if the split was still open or it had been closed. If closed
shouldn't have happened. But if the split was still not filled, that
would account for the tidal currents eating out the new sand.

Everybody hunkered down. Wind from North and Northwest. The eye is
going to cross San Pedro. At 8 a.m. they were still in phone contact,
but nothing heard from either island since. They are in the fiercest eye
wall winds of 135 mph.
This hurricane is relatively small in nature. If it wasn't moving so
slow, it would not do a whole lot of damage. The width of the fierce eye
wall winds are probably not more than 30 miles wide. So a swath of 20 to
30 miles is what is going to see the most damage. This will include
Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. In fact, is at this moment of writing
at 11:40 a.m. on Sunday. The eye was just kissing Ambergris Caye north
of the town of San Pedro last photos.

We would like some reports from both islands if possible during the
time the slow moving Hurricane Eye of Keith moves over. Should take a
couple of hours. Then they get hit again.

Doubt if St. Georges Caye is getting anything. Caye Chapel probably
getting lot of wave action at the marina and in the back on the West side.

Anybody got any direct phone or computer reports please let us know by
phone or computer.

Ray Auxillou
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:00 PM

Wendy and Darrn (sister and her husband) are in Caulker with a laptop...spoke about an hour ago and will be back on line in an hour to update. Winds are ripping, house is shaking. They aren't going up to the second floor. I asked about the water/waves.. but they didn't respond so I'm assuming not to bad yet...I'm sure they'll post once they get back on. They did a posting under Caulker last time they were on...check it out. phone lines are up at least an hour agao they were
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:06 PM

Just checking in on Placencia. We are going to be there in about two weeks and want to know if the properties there are doing o.k.
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:15 PM

NOVA Boys:

Lara, I hope this one exceeded your expectations, my thoughts and prayers are with you guys. Stay safe.

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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:23 PM

Very concerned about Basil Jones and San Pedro. How high is water on oceanside and wave heights? Any info appreciated.
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:24 PM

ditto - any info when available would be greatly appreciated
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 05:38 PM

Any additional info from SunDiver or Caye Villas?
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Re: San Pedro - 10/01/00 08:43 PM

I just had cell phone with Tim at Banana Beach. Many houses have been lost and residents have come to the safe shelter of the concrete structures. Everyone there is okay and he thinks that the concrete buildings will survive the storm. Let's wish and pray for the best for all on the Cayes.
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