From Milo Paz

Posted By: Marty

From Milo Paz - 10/10/00 07:45 PM

Good to hear from you.
Conchita Valdez and family are fine. Her house has no damage but
got wet.
Lions Clinic lost roof but already repaired by volunteers from Cayo.
Will try and find out about Laguna Punta, don't know at this time.
Postal Service started again today.
Sandy and Willie and family are all fine. Will give message to Vidy.
We saw Jim Wade today drinking a beer - doing fine.
Oscar got lost of water but still there.
We know nothing about shrimp farm yet.
Don't understand your question about the note from doctor.

Hope this helps.

Milo Paz
Posted By: Marty

Re: From Milo Paz - 10/10/00 07:50 PM

On the doctor, he was in San Pedro when the hurricane hit, and he treated a little girl named Joanna. Her moms name is Erica Pineda. She was evacuated to Belize City, and he has been asking about her condition.

If you know Mrs. Pineda, perhaps she would know.

Also, Looking to find out about Addy Trejo and her new school, is everyone ok. and if you know the duty rate on used clothes.
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