Posted By: Anonymous

Cholo's - 10/11/00 04:26 AM

Is Cholo's serving Belikan yet? Waiting to find out till I come see you all. I get very thirsty from Salt Water! ! !
Posted By: Mervino

Re: Cholo's - 10/11/00 04:30 AM

No, but I'll lay you 9 to 2 that they're serving Belikin. :-)
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cholo's - 10/11/00 09:21 PM

Sorry Mervino-

I can drink it. . .but can't spell it! !
Posted By: Mervino

Re: Cholo's - 10/11/00 11:26 PM

Barry, you are a much luckier man than I.

:--)) Mervino.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cholo's - 10/13/00 12:26 AM

Perhaps you know more of me than I of you my friend. All I know is. . . I was going to come down there on a wonderful trip to dive and drink Belikin (sp). Then Keith came around and messed up my plans. I thought long and hard about coming only to help in the cleanup but considered the food and water shortages and that more San Pedranos need it than me so I determined to stay home. Now I wonder if I have made the right decision. I have many friends on the island and I now wish I had come to help them. I feel bad in that respect and beg their forgiveness for this decsion if it was wrong.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Cholo's - 10/13/00 12:52 AM

I know what you were feeling, and so many felt the same way about going to San Pedro.
If we could donate the amount of money it would have cost for just the airfare, then we have really helped, by staying home.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Cholo's - 10/13/00 01:52 AM

Then I did good! ! !
Thank you
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