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Hide a way - 10/11/00 02:49 PM

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the Hideaway Sports Lodge sustained much damage from the storm? I know it has new owners but I think they kept the name the same.
Also I would like to make email contact with Ralf the old owner....anyone have info?
Posted By: Celeste

Re: Hide a way - 10/11/00 02:55 PM

The hideaway has sustained some roof damage. No estimate as to when they'll be ready as labor difficult to hire right now... Yes, there are new owners. I have no idea how to reach Ralf, sorry. LOL
Posted By: Patwoods

Re: Hide a way - 10/11/00 03:15 PM

The Hideaway sustained much more than just roof damage. All our storage buildings, laundry facilities, and three apartments are a total loss. The rain came in through the roof and caused the the tops of many rooms to fall in. When I left there Friday we had no idea as to the extent of damage to electric wiring plumbing etc. There are several rooms which receive very little damage but I hate to tink of what has happened since I left with all the rain they have had. So far I have been un-able to make contact with my partners who are still there.
Ralf is on the Island but, I have no idea how to get in contact with him.
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Re: Hide a way - 10/11/00 03:18 PM


It is Alice. I stayed there last december over New Years....I was with Robert from NJ - he was ther much longer than I with his brother. Any recollection? I had Ralfs email but I keep getting errors on it. Anyway hope all is well.
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