water taxis???

Posted By: pdukes

water taxis??? - 10/13/00 05:15 AM

Does anyone know if water taxis are running and where would one find one?
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 05:32 AM

I think Tom from Island Ferry was trying to get one leaves from Fido's dock.
There are a few individuals that are running to right now just to get people back and forth.
I'll have to try and get more info on this.
Posted By: jacquesv

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 05:42 AM

I've been told that Tom is running a single water taxi himself, since he's trying to keep expenses down with all of the devastating losses his business experienced. It is running with a regular but limited schedule.
Posted By: pdukes

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 05:50 AM

Is he still running out of Fidios?

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Posted By: carrie

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 06:32 AM

What kind of water taxi are you looking for? I know that Tuff E Nuff people are doing some transporting from AC to Belize City everyday. Oliver Stuart is one of the guys you can get a hold of. I think they do it from 8 to 1 everyday. I hope this helps. Take care. . .
Posted By: pdukes

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 06:42 AM

Will need a ride to the north end of the island.
Posted By: carrie

Re: water taxis??? - 10/13/00 06:45 AM

If you'd like, email me and I can give you Oliver's cell number. I probably shouldn't post it over the internet, since it's not mine. He could help somehow. My email is [email protected]
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