Pediatric supplies still needed?

Posted By: Edd

Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/11/00 10:57 PM

Is there still a need for pediatric supplies? I'm meeting tomorrow with an executive for a pediatric supplier. Does AC still need pediolite, baby formula, etc? If so, any other baby related requests?
Posted By: Marty

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/11/00 11:16 PM

I am sure both islands could use those types of items.

Would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Edd

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 04:20 AM

meeting tomorrow morning. Any specific requests?
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 04:35 AM

You might want to consider some pediatric liquid Tylenol or Motrin. These can always be used and is usually prescribed when fever is involved.....which is most of the time.

I don't know if anyone could get a hold of one....but one of those thermal ear thermometers with the tip covers too would be absolutely great. This would also help with infection control.

Right now all they have are glass thermometers and they are sterilized and soaked in Alcohol. We are taking temps axillary (under the arm).

A pediatric resusitation bag with different sized masks would be great too.

If any one has the heart to part with a pulse oximeter...we would be forever grateful. There is a small one called Onyx..fits in the palm of your hand.
Just please make sure the batteries work [Linked Image]

Pediolyte is definately a winner!

Pediatric antibiotics.

All I can think of right brain is sticking...LOL

Thanks so much!
Posted By: kimberly matson

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 04:47 AM

I have, just now in my possession from work, a pediatriac ambu bag. I have brought some in times past, but they may be toast by now. am scavenging shamelessly at work for supplies for the clinic. am not proud or shy and will beg and grovel if needed. let me know what else is needed. I am trying to brow beat and shame the pharmacy people right how. Keep your fingers crossed... Kim
Posted By: Marty

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 04:55 AM

what a lifesaver tammy. i'm sitting here, no experience wondering what to ask for, and you come on with that gloriously detailed list.

oh man its nice to have you back.
Posted By: kimberly matson

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 05:11 AM

she is great! this is the type of info i am looking for so I can tell people at work what we need for the clinic and first aid stuff. Hooray! Yeah, Marty, ya got some first class acts on the island. will stay intouch. let me know what else you need. will try to send this stuff with Sal Mazullo's next ship, probably next Wednesday or so. Will see what else I can scrounge up...
Posted By: Edd

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 06:30 PM

Picked up about 50 factory sealed cases of Similac, Pedialyte, nipples, and assorted infant medecines this morning. Thank you, DeSoto, Texas pediatricians! If American has space on the flight, it will go tomorrow,along with about 1,000 dental hygene kits from the Dallas County Dental Society.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 07:19 PM

LOL...well...I knew one day....that 12 years of selfless giving would pay off. Never got any thanks then....which is typical...but works great now....LMAO

You guys crack me up....believe me, I need a laugh. [Linked Image]

I just thought of something else. Don't know if it will actually become necessary....
Some of those Playtex disposable nursers might be good to have on hand. A lot of moms give the older babies powdered milk with water added. You can use bottled water for that.....but steralizing the bottles themselves might be a problem for some folks. This way they wouldn't have to worry about it.

Just a thought....trying to look down the road a bit and cover all the angles.
Posted By: Edd

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 08:01 PM

The plastic nursers won't be a problem, I can pick them up in the morning. You mentioned pediatriac antibiotics, would 20 cases of Biaxin Granules 250 mg/5 mL help,plus another 5 cases of 250 mg filmtabs? I don't really know what to ask for, but our local Doc's and
detail rep's have offered to help in any way needed.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 08:02 PM

Posted By: Chloe

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 09:13 PM

Hey you guys have hit pay dirt today. Many thanks to the above on rounding up the needed supplies.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/12/00 09:54 PM

Edd...those would be great!
Your the best! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/13/00 12:23 AM

Edd...made a quick trip to the clinic to see if there was anything else they needed.
Here's an update:

The antibiotics you mentioned (Biaxin)is good. They are amply stocked with Amoxicillin. I wouldn't bring that. It may just expire and that would be bad.

The Ped. Advil, Tylenol, Motrin....all of these can be used for sure.

Also some Ped. Liquid Benedryl and cough medicine.

Some bottles of Ocean Spray (0.9% NACL) nasal spray....or similar non-brand...Saline spray is saline spray. I know Walmart has it for about a buck each.

Pediolyte.....Thank GOD!...just in time..they have about 5 bottles left.


That is really about all they need at this point as far as Pediatric meds. There were a few items they mentioned that are needed but not pediatric:

2%Miconazole Nitrate anti-fungal cream

Imodium Tablets, liquid..whatever can be found.


and a very unusal drug that may not even be available in the states. It is for the burrowing parasite worm. There are cases showing up now and they have none of this it's pretty important. This is usually just a Caribbean problem so you may not be able to find it. It's called:

thiaibendazole tablets (anti-parasytic)

When will you be coming for sure?
The clinic is set up at the Sunbreeze which is right there by Tropic airs gate. Anyone can assist you with finding them.

Call me when you get here....#4223 or come by and see me. My office is at the north end of Front St. across from the old rasta Pasta restaurant. ( got a nice jungle painting on the front of it)

Thanks...Very, Very Much! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Edd

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/13/00 12:40 AM

I'm not coming myself, wish I was, rather the shipment has been arranged through Rick Frantz here in Dallas. I will be speaking with him later tonight, but my understanding is that he has made arrangements for us to ship a few cases out on each American Airlines flight that leaves DFW for the next week or so. Since baby items are of such a high priority, they will be the first items shipped. Rick has apparently made arrangements for the shipment to clear customs and be delivered directly to Patty Arceo. I'll let you know the exact arrangements just as soon as I know them.Maybe you can make arrangements to pick the shipment upjust as soon as it arrives in SP. Thank you for the detailed list of needs. I'll do my very best to get everything you need shipped to you as quickly as possible.
Posted By: Edd

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/13/00 02:09 AM

If you'll send me an email address, I'll keep you posted about the flight times and other delivery arrangements. I just got off the phone with Rick Frantz, and it looks like the American flight will go on Saturday. I would feel much better if I knew you were going to pick up the supplies just as soon as they reached the island. These baby supplies are a priority, and I don't want them sitting around in SP waiting for the right person to claim them. Please send me an email address.
[email protected]
Posted By: Marty

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/13/00 02:18 AM

Baby goods and medicines will be in saturday. along with Dental goods and boxes of clothes.

Rick is getting American Airlines to donate space on the Saturday flight.
AA flight # is 2193 arrives 2.42pm @ Belize city international.

hurray to Ed, Tammy, the doctors and nurses at sunbreeze, Rick the patch guy, shipping extraordinaire and the miracle of the internet.

also just got this:
I work for the Lincoln Electric Co. we make welders and welding
products, we also make generators. I have a list of "used" products,
welders and generators. The Company is willing to make a donation of
equipment to the AC relief fund. When we say "used" they are demos, used
in sales offices and at welding shows, we can not sell them as new. And
at a time like this we will make a donation of them. There are many more things I need
to work out on my end but the type of equipment that is needed will help
a lot.
So thanks are in order again. we are working now with Bill Nightengale of Lincoln Electric Co. to pull this one off!

double hurray!

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Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/13/00 02:19 AM

When our kids were younger and we visited Belize our physician suggested I carry powdered Gatorade instead of pedialyte. It is lighter to transport, can be mixed as needed, doesn't need to be refrigerated after opening and is usually less expensive. The drawback is the need for potable water to mix it with once you reach your destination. Perhaps somebody with medical knowledge can advise if this is considered an acceptable substitute for pedialyte?
Posted By: Craig

Re: Pediatric supplies still needed? - 10/14/00 10:37 PM

Will be coming down on the 28th of october with CDS. Hope to have lots of pediatric tylenol and ibuprofen with me. Also a fair amount of pedicatric tmp/smx and augmentin. Lots of anti-histamines, antifungals, and H2 blockers. Also adult anti-inflammatories. Let me know what else you need and I'll do my best. Can be reached at [email protected]
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