TMM people & Catamaran: Sol Mate

Posted By: John Baucom

TMM people & Catamaran: Sol Mate - 10/12/00 09:03 PM

I am still concerned that I have no word on "Half-Inch" of TMM. I have heard Luis was OK (great)but also of other tragic losses.

Would love to have picture or good description of our boat Sol Mate. We understand that it is now at TMM dock without mast and bemini but have no decription of damages, water ingress, structural damage, etc.
Posted By: SteveNC

Re: TMM people & Catamaran: Sol Mate - 10/13/00 12:28 PM

Hi John; Steve Hill here. I have a boat with TMM also. (Had a boat!!) Mountain Aire was our boat, and is upside down about 17 miles out it seems. The last time that we were in SP, Half-inch was not working for TMM anymore. That was in May. Cal was the dockmaster at that time, but have not heard a word about him either in the two communications that we have had from Barney.

Best wishes, ([email protected])
Posted By: John Baucom

Re: TMM people & Catamaran: Sol Mate - 10/13/00 03:43 PM

Thanks for info and sorry to hear about your boat. You may be better off if they total it. I am quite concerned about their ability to do any significant repair on our boat in Belize. It is amazing to me that those boats were pushed so far out with all the ground tackle I assume they must have had out. I have never heard where my boat was found. Good luck to you.
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