Fixed Cell Phones

Posted By: Jeff Gram

Fixed Cell Phones - 10/13/00 05:07 AM

I found a place that sells these phone boxes for just under $400.00 US

I hope BTL will let people hook them up so that they can have phone service.

any ideas?

Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Fixed Cell Phones - 10/13/00 05:15 AM

We have them here Jeff...They are about $800BZ here and most folks just don't have that kind of spare the need of a computer with sound card, headphones, etc.

They have been succesful for the people that do have much so, the BTL is not happy and is trying to get it banned.

They even went as far as to send out a letter to all their customers that it was illegal and they would be monitoring lines. convenient for them....which is exactly what I replied back....LOL

Supreme Court just popped their bubble though....Thumbs up to them..YEA!...ruled it wasn't illegal..and warned against them monitoring or blocking.

We have a long way to go here as far as communications go....the existing structure has seen to that.
Hopefully in the near future...Belize will elect to move forward into the next millenium smarter and more computer literate. you can see..i'm passionate about this I'll quit while I'm ahead.
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Thanks for the suggestion was a great idea.
Posted By: Jeff Gram

Re: Fixed Cell Phones - 10/13/00 05:34 AM

I am talking about the fixed cell phones that most remote sites use.

they are the numbers that begin with 021-

I am not talking about the box that alows discounted internet calls. Althought I bought one of those three weeks is no a nice lobster shade.

The fixed base boxes are 12X12 inches, black and allow you to plug a regular phone into them. they operate over cellular lines. BTL does ot charge for the cellular minutes

they are 3 watts
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