From Elbert Greer

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From Elbert Greer - 10/13/00 06:57 PM

I'm a survivor, as we all are. I've had my house blown down but am building
it back. My boat sank but I've floated it again. The town is quickly and
in a massive effort from all the citizens of San Pedro cleaning up and
business is returning to normal. It does the heart good to see the
wreckage turned right by teams and individual spirits of strong people.

We will be OK, give us a few weeks and come and visit isla bonita

Elbert Greer
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Re: From Elbert Greer - 10/13/00 07:37 PM

Hi Elbert: Your friend from Holiday Hotel here, Bill Thornton. Have Oscar pour ya a double, have him put it on my tab. He still owes me BIG TIME. Tell him hello from me and tell him to dust off dat Eagles CD, I'll be returning ASAP. Glad to see ya finally got off dat Crock in da street. Did Paisano hep ya with it? PS. Sorry to hear of your losses.
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Re: From Elbert Greer - 10/13/00 08:26 PM

Great dialog with friends on the above post.
That's what is all about folks. Good people,
good friends, in San Pedro. Can't wait to
see everything ready for we visitors, to enjoy you great people. December OK.
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Re: From Elbert Greer - 10/13/00 11:55 PM

hey elbert..good to read from you..we'll be at holiday hotel on the 28th..coming to help/work..come and see us. may need a ride to go see our property[for the first time..sorta..see u soon..cheri and rick
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Re: From Elbert Greer - 10/14/00 06:44 PM

Elbert, Glad to see you are still alive and wrestling alligators! Have you seen Bob Kgerline? Did he, the kids, and the house surive? If you see him at Holiday tell him I said hello. Regards Roger Solomon
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Re: From Elbert Greer - 10/15/00 12:05 AM

Yo, Elbert! I left the book that you laoned me with the Hideaway Grls. Thanks, I enjoyed it. A real spine tingler. I know you will carry on, you're a pretty tough Bird (hee hee).

How is Kate/ Please email me at my hotmail address. I lost my computer and my address book with it or i would have contacted you both by now.

Best regards,
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