Saga Society-Bronwen Eastwood

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Saga Society-Bronwen Eastwood - 10/14/00 01:10 AM

I visited San Pedro in March of 2000. I really enjoyed myself but wanted to help the stray dogs that I saw every where. I found out about the Saga Society and started sending books to Dr. Bronwn Eastwood. I was hoping someone could tell me if clinic survived? I have some more materials to send and wanted to know what else is needed for the animals. Please e-mail me at [email protected]


Linda Worthington
Posted By: Kat in Texas

Re: Saga Society-Bronwen Eastwood - 10/14/00 05:11 AM

You might try emailing [email protected]

If she is still in the States, she knows Bronwen, and said her husband (who is on AC right now) would probably by helping Bronwen with the animals.

Hope this helps :-)

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Re: Saga Society-Bronwen Eastwood - 10/16/00 01:46 PM

Bron went back to the UK for a short while. The Clinic survived and she will be in operation again soon.
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