Thanks to Marty

Posted By: Anonymous

Thanks to Marty - 10/15/00 04:49 AM

We have been found alive & well in Canada .... soon to return to San Pedro, our second home .... we had to come back to Canada for some huge hugs. I want to thank anyone who help my family locate our whereabouts and thank Marty for providing the means for many families to locate loved ones. Ken
Posted By: Kathy in Canada

Re: Thanks to Marty - 10/15/00 06:10 AM

what the hell are you doing on Andrea's 'puter when you're supposed to be in the rum with da family??????

Love Andrea,Chris,Julianne,Val,Sharon,Al,Desiree,lLesley,Dan,Karen,Laura,Kellan,Bethany,Jamie,Eric,Bill,Connor,Cameron,Ray...n me...
Posted By: andrea

Re: Thanks to Marty - 10/15/00 07:41 AM

Hey all of yoo McLean's in my house ....... Stay outa my rum, Dat's for me. okay. okay, you's can have some. Glad yer here to celebrate your return.
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