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Posted By: Anonymous

Need info - 10/17/00 02:16 PM

I really need to know if power and phones are up on Buccaneer St. (my office) and when they will be up on Misquito Coast (my home).
Can anybody fill me in. I would really appreciate the info. Mary Stephenson
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Need info - 10/17/00 02:29 PM

Mary......I went by your office yesterday to see if Erica was there. No go....the office is still boarded up. Looks like it hasn't been entered since the hurricane.
I'll keep looking for erica....any hint where to find her?
As far as power....right now...I think Front St. only has it. May be a while for the southern areas.
If your coming back it would be a good idea to bring a generator....or flashlights and lots of batteries.
Sorry news isn't better.
Posted By: Karen1

Re: Need info - 10/17/00 03:02 PM

Thanks so much for checking....don't know how you do're superwoman...
Erica lives in Polo's apartments on the lagoon close to the High School. If you see her, please tell her that Jim Patterson (Casa Mana) is returning tomorrow with a note for her from me. Ask her to e-mail me at [email protected] from Sunrise. Thanks so much. Mary
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Need info - 10/17/00 07:37 PM

I sent hubby with a copy of your post from yesterday along with your email, to give to Erica. Couldn't find her...but found her friend at Ruby's.
Hopefully she will contact you soon.
Posted By: Daemyon

Re: Need info - 10/17/00 07:47 PM

Hey SandShaker,
That info from Mr. Quick is correct...I knew about it, too...
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