Tres Cocos area

Posted By: Robin Slattery

Tres Cocos area - 10/01/00 07:17 PM

I've lost contact since 8AM with Jim and Ana Hanna in Tres Cocos. They have cell phones. Please post any news or anyone up there? My prayers are with you all. I haven't left my keyboard since 4AM.
Posted By: PamG

Re: Tres Cocos area - 10/01/00 07:47 PM

Hey you. I happened to be up in New Orleans for this one and I have been monitoring the board and trying to make calls as well. I was able to get through to Mary Stephenson down south just prior to 11. Her and her mother are safe, but had water approaching from the lagoon side. I saw a post from Chris up in the Tres Cocos area earlier and he said all were well, but that was a few hours ago. There was also a post from a resort farther north saying parts of roofs were flying. Phone lines are down and have been for awhile now. That's all I know for now. I understand that most everyone stayed on the island though.
After going through Mitch, I thought I would run from the next one, but am not sure it's any easier up in the states not knowing what's going on.
If I hear anything new, will post asap.
Posted By: Mateo

Re: Tres Cocos area - 10/01/00 07:48 PM

I was also having no luck with a cell phone number, but just as I was typing this it went through. Keep trying!
Posted By: Robin Slattery

Re: Tres Cocos area - 10/01/00 08:13 PM

Thanks Pam, for the reply.I don't know how much more punishment everyone can take. I wish the sucker would just leave already.
I'll keep trying the cell phones. The only thing keeping me going is the thought that Jim is too tall to drown (maybe?) and too fat to be blown away. Sorry, I have to smile or else I'll be crying.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Tres Cocos area - 10/01/00 08:23 PM

I heard from Chris Berlin's father, and Chris and Rebecca are safe in a house in tres cocos.

they didn't get their windows covered, bummer. siad there were 130 mph winds, and 20 inches of rain....

hellacious wind, hellacious rain..

hang in there buddy.....

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