Punta Gorda

Posted By: billhold

Punta Gorda - 10/09/01 02:21 AM

Is there any news on the hurricane's effect at Punta Gorda? My son is down there with a missionary team from our church.

Thanks for any news you can give us.
Posted By: pacwoman

Re: Punta Gorda - 10/09/01 02:35 AM

To billhold - As far as current estimates predict, Punta Gorda will most likely not experience the full force of this storm. That far South region will probably experience some wind and rain, though, so flooding during the next day or so, is possible. There is a lot of high ground accessible immediately to the West of Punta Gorda, so I would expect that your son and his team were evacuated inland and are completely safe. Your best bet is to contact the US Embassy tomorrow or the following contact in the capital city of Belmopan:

National Emergency Management Organization
East Block Building
Belmopan City, Cayo
Belize, Central America

Tel: 08-22054 or 08-20995
Fax: 08-22861
Email: [email protected]

Please pass on info. if you get through, Pepper Chastain ([email protected])
Posted By: billhold

Re: Punta Gorda - 10/09/01 02:38 PM

Thank you, Pepper. I will attempt to call this morning, Pacific Daylight Time. Your report was helpful.

Thanks again.
Posted By: mango

Re: Punta Gorda - 10/09/01 02:51 PM

Jim Scott from El Pescador PG which is about 5 miles north of PG. Closer to the eye than PG lots of wind but all was well he reported as of 10'oclock last night. Storm was already on coast and heading by this time. Your son should be in a great place to start relief efforts.
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