Calming Rapidly at 8 PM

Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:12 AM

Thanks for the prayers. It's unbelizable how fast things are calming on the island. Winds are just gusty at 20 mph. Waves are settling down also. Winds slowly shifting from the east-southeast. Send all hopes to Placencia!! We're good!
Posted By: Marty

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:16 AM

things are cool here

High tide came about 2:30, followed by higher water, got to the top of
our dock ('bout 3 feet over normal) some rollers, 'bout the same
as Chantal. From our perspective up north, Chantal was just about as
bad. We were very lucky.

We really want to know about our friends down south who helped San
Pedro after Keith, as soon as you hear what they need. C'mon San Pedro,
let's return the favor!

Joe and Valin Miller (in tres cocos)

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Posted By: margueriteellen

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:16 AM

I'm glad all is OK in AC. Please pass on any news or even rumors you get about Placencia and other points south. thanks.
Posted By: pacwoman

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:32 AM

NASA map as of 9:15CDT indicates eye located at:
16.56 N
88.38 W

I don't know the exact coordinates for Placencia, but this appears to be sweeping through just North of Placencia. The Weather Channel will have an update in about 5 minutes, if you have TV access - check it out.
Posted By: Ralph

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:42 AM

Thank God...have been watching the satellite photos..extremely scarey. Ralph and Max say hang in there to everyone on AC. Hope everyone south can ride this out.
Posted By: diveron

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 03:46 AM

Glad to hear it Skinny.
Posted By: mary anne

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 04:33 AM

Thanks Barefoot Skinny for your postings. I was just in San Pedro a week ago visiting Colleen and Glenn (Rendezvous) . Chatted with Colleen on MSN last night and i know they were off the island this morning. I do hope the damage is not too bad this year as I was there three days after Keith. My fingers are crossed... keep safe !
Mary Anne Jackson
Posted By: Mugzzz

Re: Calming Rapidly at 8 PM - 10/09/01 07:46 AM

Barefoot, this is the iguana's cousin in Canada. Worried about them. Can you update us on their whereabouts, and if everyone is ok there? You can contact me directly if you like [email protected] You are all in our prayers.
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