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TMM? - 10/09/01 06:14 PM

The rumors on the Island are that several of the TMM catamarans have not reported in. Any confirmation on this? ALSO: Anyone who knows Jacob and Kelly Marlin at BFREE on Monkey river. I would like to know their status. Any info would be appreciated.
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Re: TMM? - 10/09/01 06:45 PM

Great News from TMM.

After a very long night and most of Tuesday morning with no news from the TMM crew family and friends have been understandably anxious for news.

Through the efforts of Mr. Freddy Waight (located in Lake Izabel, Guatemala, a member of the TMM team and Mr. Julio Requena of Punta Gorda town a successful search has been conducted.

All nine crew members have been located safe and sound in the Deep River of southern Belize along with all 5 TMM catermaran vessels.

After the tragic events of last year's Hurricane Keith, the happy safe return of all members of the TMM team is good news indeed.
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Thank God for good news from TMM. You deserve it!
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Re: TMM? - 10/09/01 09:09 PM

Thanks Amanda! That's really GREAT news!
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