Villages in the south

Posted By: KeithM

Villages in the south - 10/09/01 06:31 PM

There have been varying reports of damage from villages in Toledo. In Big Falls many roofs were lost and the rice mill sustained major damage. Does anyone know anything on the state of other villages in the area (Medina Bank, Indian Creek, Golden Stream, Columbia, etc.)?
Posted By: jena

Re: Villages in the south - 10/09/01 08:21 PM

Have you any more info on Toledo villages !
Are they getting help. Is the Red Cross in P.G. functioning and how is the hospital there. I have lots of friends in the villages and feel helpless. I had e.mail from friends in P.G. they are o.k. but Big Falls and the villages must have casualties.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Villages in the south - 10/09/01 09:19 PM

there is this 24 hour period after these storms where information just kind of seeps out, after another day or so we will know much more.
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