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contact - 10/09/01 06:48 PM

Just talked with Robbie in SP(Maralyn Gill's son) and he has heard that those who were with her (my son included) were fine. There is a rescue/help effort being mounted in SP at present and boats will be going down there sometime in afternoon...word that he passed on to me was that the destruction was pretty horrific....they all need our help in whatever form and prayers/positive thoughts.
Donations as per Marty are a good way to start.
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Re: contact - 10/09/01 07:46 PM

Congratulations Richard

So happy to hear that you loved ones are safe.

San Pedro is going full steam ahead gathering financial assistance from the community as well as other urgently required items for those affected severely by the storm.

At times like these, the country and the communities pull together to do what has to be done to get lives back on track.

Again, so pleased to hear your family is safe.
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Re: contact - 10/09/01 07:48 PM

great to hear from the gills.
tears again.

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